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Primary School

Monday 29th June 2020 Year 5 English activities

Here are the Year 5 English activities for this week. I have added two power points for the written work and I will add a further two later in the week.

Spellings – This week we are looking at converting nouns verbs adjectives using the suffix – al











As always, use the power point to help you. Once again, I have spoken to you on the power point, so you should be able to complete this task independently (without your adult). I have also attached a word search and a look, cover, write sheet to help you practise.

Writing – This is our final week on newspaper reports. There are four activity power points and I have spoken on, to allow you to work independently. I have added two now and will upload the next two later in the week.

SPaG - This week we are reminding ourselves on determiners. There is also an activity sheet for you to complete. Don’t print out, write your sentences in full.

Reading – When completing your home reads this week, once youhave finished the book,write a review. I would love to add your review to the blog, it may inspire others to read a book youhave enjoyed.

Have a great week!

Mrs Aldwinckle