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Primary School

Y5 Monday 22.06.20 Maths activities

Hello there lovely Year 5

Here are the week’s Year 5 Maths activities and resources to help keep those wonderful maths brains active.

This week we are going to look at percentages and adding decimals. The teaching videos can be found on White Rose lessons- Week 8.

There are also a range of worksheets attached to this blog to help you secure this learning.  Choose the ones you would like to complete or if you have time complete them all.

Simmering Maths

This week we would like you to continue to progress your understanding of rounding. Here is the link remember to choose an activity that challenges you, there are even questions on rounding decimals t the nearest whole number if you are feeling really confident.

Time Tables

Keep practising. Don’t forget you can access a variety of practise sheets at

Remember if you need any help then please let me know. If you can also tell me if there are any areas you would like to recap on, that would be wonderful too.

Have fun and keep learning!

Mrs Aldwinckle