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Primary School

Y 5 Monday 22nd June 2020 English activities

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying the chronological report work. Once again, the English activities I have given you will take about 45 minutes to do each school day. This will still involve your spelling practise, reading practise and SPaG activities. It’s wonderful to have received feedback on how you can complete these independently. It has also been fantastic to see your work on the videos you have sent in, please keep sending them in. We love to hear about the work you have done and see you performing your work.

Spellings – This week we are looking at converting nouns verbs adjectives using the suffix – ive











As always, use the power point to help you. This week I have spoken to you on the power point, so you should be able to complete this task independently (without your adult). I have also attached a word search and a look, cover, write sheet to help you practise.

Writing – This week we continuing with our chronological reports. Once again, the activities have been split into power points and I have spoken on them, so you should be able to complete them without an adult supporting you. The activities are in the power points and I will add extra power points on Wednesday, remember just do what you can.

SPaG - This week look through the power point, we are going to recap on all we have learnt this year, which will help us identify any areas where you feel you need a little more practise. If you can ask your grown up to let us know which areas you found tricky to remember, I can then plan SPaG activities to fill these gaps over the next few weeks.

Reading – When completing your home reads this week, here are some more questions to help you explore your reading further:

Can you think of another story with a similar theme?

Can you think of another story character similar to a character in this book?

Have you had any similar experiences?

Which stories have openings like this?

Can you think of another author who writes in a similar style?

I hope you have another good week, there is lots of English work to keep your brain working hard, so remember, just do as much as you can and we look forward to seeing those videos.

Mrs Aldwinckle