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Primary School

Y5 Week comm. 22.06.20 Geography, Computing and P.E

Here are the other subjects you can get involved with this week.


This week we are going to investigate the features of a river. There is a power point for you to work through that explains the tasks you have to complete. If you want an extra challenge you can look at videos or photographs of two differing rivers (for example, The Amazon and the River Camel). Compare the features that each one has, identifying ones they both have, ones that only one has and ones that neither river has. You could even use a Venn diagram to show the findings of your comparison.



 Complete the sporting activities from the Northamptonshire Virtual School Game website: complete the activities and send the scores to Mr Smith at  by Friday lunchtime. Mr Smith would also love you to send to him any pictures or videos of you in action. Good luck!


 As you know online safety is very important, so this week we are going to use the activities provided by Thinkuknow, the website we use in school.

Click on the link and you will see Home Activity Pack 1. From here  you will see two 15 minute activities to complete.