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Primary School

Year 5 Monday 15th June 2020 English activities

Hi everyone, hope all is well.

This week we are going to start learning about newspapers and chronological reports. As there is lotto learn I have extended the English activities I have given you about 45 minutes to do each school day. This will still involve your spelling practise, reading practise and SPaG activities.

You should be able to do these without adult support and they will be very similar to the tasks we would have been doing had we been back in school. If you are able to video yourselves reading out the sentences you produce at the end of the week that would be wonderful, remember we will only blog this if we have your adults permission.

Spellings – This week we are looking at converting nouns or verbs into adjectives using the suffix – ful











As always, use the power point to help you. This week I have spoken to you on the power point, so you should be able to complete this task independently (without your adult). I have also attached a word search and a look, cover, write sheet to help you.

Writing – This week we are delving into chronological reports, we are going to explore newspaper reports for this. The activities have been split into power points and I have spoken on them, so you should be able to complete them without an adult supporting you. The activities are in the power points and any attachments mentioned in the power point are also listed on this blog. I will add extra power points through the week, remember just do what you can.

SPaG - This week look through the power point on subordinate clauses and then have a go at completing one of the activity sheets. There are three levels, one, two and three stars, so look through and choose the one that is right for you. Remember, there is no need to print them off, you can just write the full sentence on some paper. Don’t forget you punctuation and presentation!

Reading - When you complete your home reads this week, please use the following questions to help you explore your reading further:

What is the book about?

From whose point of view is the story told?

What is happening?

What might this mean?

Which part do you likethe best? Why?

I hope you have a good week, there is lots of English to complete this week, so just do what you can to help you learn.

Have a good week and email if there is anything you are not sure of. I will upload further English work on Wednesday.

Mrs Aldwinckle