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Primary School

Year 5 Week commencing Monday 15th June Activities for PE and R.E.

Here are the other subjects you can get involved with this week.

P.E.- This week guys we are going to try some Joe Wicks. I have been doing these at home, they are great fun, but quite hard work. Here is a video from last week , or if you have an adult to do it with you, you can type PE with Joe Wicks into Youtube but you will need an adult with you to do this. Or you can continue to work on the the sporting activities from the Northamptonshire Virtual School Game website do the activities and send the scores to Mr Smith at  by Friday lunchtime.

Remember the recommendation is that you should be doing at least 2 hours of exercise a week, so please do as much as you can.

R.E. – This term we are learning about the Hindu religion called Hinduism. We are going to look at a Hindu Mandir which is their religious place of worship and have a virtual visit to one. First, look through the power point I have attached, this shows you the features of a mandir including sacred features dedicated to particular deities. You can then have a look around the Mandir using our virtual tour and see what features you can spot. You might like to think about how much you have learnt by seeing if you can answer my questions at the end of the power point.