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Primary School

Year 5 Activities in other subjects to complete this week! 8.6.20

Here are the other subjects you can get involved with this week. You will see you can pick and choose. You can do all the activities, or just select the ones you want to.

Science - Working Together to Save Our Oceans

The BBC programme Blue Planet 2 sparked an outcry about the health of our oceans and the huge threat caused by plastics, but lots of people around the world are working hard to help solve this problem. Read about Madison Edwards (pictured above), a 12 year old environmental activist. Try to do your bit to help preserve our oceans by keeping a ‘plastic diary’ recording how much single-use plastic the family uses. Write down one thing that the family will do to use less plastic.


Complete the sporting activities from the Northamptonshire Virtual School Game website for Week 4 of the games: Complete the activities and send the scores to Mr Smith at  by Friday lunchtime. Mr Smith would also love you to send to him any pictures or videos of you in action. Good luck! Remember the recommendation is that you should be doing at least 2 hours of exercise a week, so please do as much as you can.

French – Classroom Objects

We are going to recap on the classroom objects we have learnt. Click on the PDF to see which words you can remember and any new ones that you now know. Try drawing the item and then labelling it in French. You may have to look back to check your spelling.

Computing/Art - We are architects

If you look at the computing poster I have added to the blog for this term, you will see we were going to be exploring galleries and creating our own. This week, I would like to invite you to explore the National Gallery in London. You can do this by clicking on

Look at how the paintings are grouped together. Think about how they have made the gallery effective. How have they used the space effectively and what impact have they created with the art displayed?  If might find it useful to look at other galleries and museums in other countries. Are there any common features in the galleries you have explored? You could sketch a few initial design ideas for your own virtual gallery on paper, or build a model from construction materials. We would love to see your work.

We hope you enjoy working through these activities this week, I will try to include some Geography and R.E next week. If there is a particular subject you would like me to include please let me know by emailing me on 

Thanks guys, have a good week and stay safe!

Mrs Aldwinckle x