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Primary School

Y5 Monday 1st June 2020 English activities

Year 5 - Welcome to term 6! Here are your English activities for this first week of our last term.

Spellings – This week we are going to look at words that contain two particular prefixes…

de- which often means down or off  and re -  which often means again.









Please use both the power point and Mr Whoop’s jungle activity to help you learn these.

Writing – If we were in school this week, we would have been beginning to explore narrative poetry. This week’s tasks are to work through the power point I have created, to recap and learn. When listening to the power point, you will hear the five tasks you need to complete.

SPaG - This week is a grammar and punctuation recap, you can work through the power point ideas to help reinforce your learning.

Reading - When you complete your five home reads of a fiction book this week, please use the following questions to help you explore your reading further:

When and where did the story take place?

Who are the main characters?

What does the main character look like?

How does the book begin?

Where in the book would you find…?


I hope you find these activities fun and remember you can always email us any questions you have about anything you are unsure of.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Aldwinckle