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Primary School

Year Five Half Term Homework

Hello Year 5

Next week is our Half Term holiday so we have a project ready for you to have a go at if you would like to. 


Our Geography topic for next Term is Rivers. We would like you to carry out some research and present your findings in any way you wish to- a powerpoint, a poster, a drawing, a painting, a Fact File, a model or any other imaginative way.

You can choose one or more of the following areas to research:

  • The Water-Cycle- How are rivers a created?
  • What is a river?  - include features of a river
  • How do people use rivers around the world?
  • Flooding- problems and solutions
  • Longest Rivers
  • What lives in a river?



There is lots of useful information on the Canal and Rivers Trust website:

Here are some other websites to get you started.

I have attached a glossary to that will give you some information and technical language.

Have fun learning and we are looking forward to seeing your work.

Best wishes

Year 5 Team