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Primary School

Wow! Lots of Year 5 Cliff class homework for us to share with you!

Please take some time to look through the wonderful work produced.

Riley has created a Victorian fact sheet. He also worked hard to proofread it to correct any spelling and punctuation errors. Take a look below.

Aiden has been incredibly busy again this week. He has sent in some maths work and a special mention must be given to how hard he has worked on his presentation. He has also been plotting points on his ordnance survey map of Thrapston as well as helping his sister learn, a great skill to develop. In addition, Aiden has been learning to sign, which is a fantastic skill, which allows communication with people who find it difficult to hear or communicate and we have attached the wonderful video link for you to watch.

Erin has watched one of her favourite programmes Deadly 60 and this inspired her to research and create a fabulous power point on all the different breeds of Rhinos. Please take a look.

Thomas has used his biography skills he learnt last term to create a biography on Florence Nightingale. He has also been working in the shed with his Dad to make a spinning top (a toy from the Victorian era) look at this fabulous video to see how it works.

Grace A has been busy too, she has made a three-part timeline which took up three photograph, please click and take a look.

Halle has completed one of the English tasks set this week already. She has created a menu for a wealthy Victorian family. Would you like to eat this food?

That’s all for now, I hope as always you have learnt something new from looking at the work produced by your peers. Remember, if you would like to see your work on this blog, just email it in and make sure you get permission from your adult to share.

Stay safe in this lovely sunshine.

Mrs Aldwinckle