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Primary School

Y5 History - Victorians

Victorian Toys

This week we will be looking at the type of toys rich and poor children in Victorian times played with.

I have included links to a couple of films – one that tells you about Victorian games and toys and one that is a drama where two children travel back in time and experience for themselves some of the toys that were used.

One of the activities we would have done on the History off the Page Victorian day would have been to make some Victorian toys so I have included a website with some instructions on how to make a few toys and play some games. Later in the week I will put out a video showing how to make a ball and cup toy.

There is also a link to a website with more information about Victorian toys and games for you to research.


Tasks – you can do any of the following:

  • Write a comparison between Victorian toys and toys nowadays.
  • Design an advert promoting a Victorian toy that you have learnt about.
  • Make one of the toys from the ‘hands on history’ website.
  • Write a story about Victorian children and their toys.
  • Write a comparison about the toys that rich children and poor children played with.


As I mentioned before, later in the week I will put out a short film showing you how to make a cup and ball toy.

Hope you are all well.