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Primary School

Monday 18th May 2020 Year 5 English activities

Hello again Year 5! Here are your English activities for this week.

Spellings – Some more super-spellings are coming your way.  This week we are learning to spell polysyllabic words with an unstressed letter (Don’t worry! That sounds way more complicated than it actually is!)











Use the powerpoint to help you and then get learning.  We would love to see some of your wacky sentences you can use your spellings in.  They always make us smile in class don’t they?

Writing – Create a Victorian menu.

Your task this week is to create a Victorian menu based on your research what Victorian people would have eaten. There are lots of facts about what Victorians ate online whether they were rich or poor.

You may either create:

 A menu for a meal for a wealthy family of six. – That is Mother (Arabella), Father (Alfred), their children, Albert (age 9), Charles (age 8), Florence (age 6) and Victoria (age 4).

You can create a fancy table menu which you would share with the family you will be serving.


A menu for a poor family of seven. That is Mum (Sylvia), Dad (Archibald - Archie for short), their children Claude (age 10), Harvey (age 8), daughters Alice (age 6), Violet (age 4) and their baby Albert who is always called Bert. Remember, they have very little money, so have to be very careful about what they spend on food.

As always, be mindful of your presentation, spelling, punctuation and use of grammar. If you want to create both menus you can.

If you wish to continue listening to the Oliver Twist story read aloud, here is the website link   

SPaG - Your task is to use the power point to remind yourself of parenthesis and practise these skills.

Reading - When you complete your five home reads of a fiction book this week, please use the following questions to help you explore your reading further:

Which text/story is better? Why?

Which part of the text could be improved?

Which text is more persuasive? Why?

Did it have an effective ending?

Who would you recommend this too?

As always, we really hope you enjoy these activities, remember just do what you can and email any questions you have, we always love hearing from you.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Aldwinckle