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Primary School

Hello Year fantastic 5! 18.5.20

We are so pleased with the amazing Maths that you have been working on. Keep it up.

This week I have linked to the lesson videos on the White Rose website again: - Week 4. This will allow you to practise area of rectangles, equivalent fractions, converting improper fractions and comparing and ordering fractions. The videos themselves will set questions for you (there are no White Rose worksheets available this week), so you don’t have to print anything out but for those of you that have enjoyed completing worksheets I have attached a selection of tasks to this blog.  Remember you do not have to complete all the lessons. Just do what you have time to do.  Let us know how you get on.

Keep practising your timetables too. If you want some different practise sheets then have a look at the website  This has basic practise worksheets for all the different multiplication facts and lots of other maths too.

Simmering Maths

Have a go at the Doubles and Halves Challenges on or you can choose another skill you would like to try.

Have fun guys and keep in touch!