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Primary School

Year 5 - Science

Growing Up and Growing Old.

As we grow older, we change, we are going to look at how what changes happen through the different stages of a human life.

I have included a couple of films for you to look at which explain the changes in each stage of our life.


These videos will look at how we change as we get older and why these changes happen.

Here is the link to a film of a time lapse series of drawings of a baby growing up into an old woman.


Linked to the work we are doing on Queen Victoria I have found a film that shows pictures of her as she grew up from a baby to an old woman.


We would like you to do one of the following tasks

  • Write about what changes happen to us in each of the different stages of our life.
  • Draw a picture or write a description of what you think you will look like in 10, 30 and 50 years’ time.
  • Create a photo montage of how you, your parents or grandparents have changed over the course of your / their life.