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Primary School

Y4 English 27.4.20

English – new genre -   Explanation Text.     

Over the next few weeks well be focusing on Explanation text.

In today’s lesson we will be looking at their ‘cracking contraptions’ – in other words their amazing inventions.

You will watch 4 short clips, and answer questions for each clip.

You can answer as a brain diagram / bullet pointed list, using colours - however you wish to answer.

The clips are as follows:

Turbo Diner -      2.23 mins

Auto Chef -       1.33 mins

Snoozatron -     2.06 mins

Soccamatic  -      1.51 mins


(There are lots of cracking inventions, so if you would like to do 5 or 6 – the choice is yours.)


QUESTIONS – for each clip.

  1. How is this contraption / invention useful?
  2. What does it actually do?
  3. Who would use it?
  4. How often would it need to be used?
  5. Is it possible?
  6. Did anything not make sense or was not clear?
  7. Would you use it – yes or no – say why?
  8. Did you enjoy / like it – why?

Conclusion – which was the best, most useful ‘cracking contraption.’