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Primary School

Maths 30.3 -3.4

The PowerPoint has a series of lessons designed to be tackled across the course of a week. By all means, go at your own pace and only do what you can. 

I've included guidance for each page. I've also attached extension sheets. Some pages have moveable boxes, so once the children have finished their work, they can then check their answers. I've also included some web links to videos to help with the subject areas. All of the work is a consolidation of the learning we have been doing for the last term. Some of the extra work is problem solving and the children will need to be encouraged to read it carefully. I haven't added any narration as the PowerPoint needs to be worked through slide by slide and not ina  slide show presentation (To allow answers to be checked on screen). As always, please email us if you have any questions about what we have uploaded.