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Primary School

Spring time update

In year 4 the children have been working very hard to produce some great work to put in their books and on display.

In English they are focusing on dialogue in their descriptive sentences in their work.

In maths, year 4 have been focusing on fractions and decimals, how to add and subtract them correctly in their work.

Also, they have been learning about sound in science. They have been carrying out experiments to see how far it travels.

Year 4 have been enjoying swimming at the Nene centre and learning or improving their swimming skills and strokes

In PSHE the classes have been learning about dreams and they have been going quite deep. In R.E. the year group have all been to Candlemas. It went very well and all the children sang their hearts out. Finally, they have been doing athletics in P.E. and they all have been enjoying this very much.

Media Crew - G.C. and J.M.