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Primary School

Times Table Test

Year 4 Times Table Test

Later this term the children will be sitting a National Times Table Test. In class, we have been working hard  every day to learn all times tables up to 12x12. The test requirement is to be able to answer any question into a computer keyboard within 6 seconds.

We have been practising by using the website This website has several activities which will help the children to learn their times tables, including a practice test.

To find this test, go to the Google home page and type in Year 4 Times Table Test, then find the link which has when you click on it, the practice test will come up, and you just hit start to get going. Other programmes such as Top Marks - Hit the Button and Times Table Rock Stars will also help.

The more the children practise this test the easier they will find it when they do the real test.

Please encourage your children to work on these websites over the next 5-6 weeks.

Thank you,

The Year 4 Team.