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Primary School

Work For Friday 25th March

Work for Friday 25th March

Good Afternoon Year 4

I hope you are all well. I apologise for the disruptions you have experienced this week. It turns out that I am not bulletproof to Covid after all!

I have attached to this blog the Maths tasks for Friday and I have included a cross-curricular piece of work for English and History.

Do not worry if you need some support on the decimals work that has been put on this week. We will look at again when I return to school next week.

In Maths, have a look at the powerpoint presentation on rounding decimals and then have a look at the blue, green and white questions.

For English, I have attached a powerpoint telling the famous Greek Myth of Theseus and The Minotaur. Read the powerpoint and I would like you to rewrite the story. You can either write it as a story or you can create a story board or cartoon strip retelling the key points of the story.