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Primary School

Work tasks for Tuesday 2nd March

Maths, English and History work tasks for Tuesday.

Good morning Year 4

We hope you are well.

The answer to the last quiz question caused a bit of debate in our session this morning. Some people found out that the sun will set at 6.15pm on the last day of March. Others said it was 6.50pm. My answer was 7.37pm so I guess we will have to wait 4 weeks to find the actual answer!

Today's question is this. The Golden Globe awards took place over the weekend and the Netflix series The Crown did very well, picking up three awards. Can you name the 3 actresses who have played the Queen over its run?

Today we will start with a short 10 minute Maths session before moving onto our Maths lesson which will be on writing decimals up to one decimal place.

Blue challenge will be to  write decimals up to one decimal place.

Green challenge will be to write decimals up to two decimal places.

White challenge will be to write decimals up to two decimal places (requiring crossing over, for example two tenths and 14 hundredths = 0.34).

In English we will be looking at and writing slogans for adverts and discussing their effectiveness.

In History we will exploring the influences of the Anglo Saxons by looking at place names.

We have also attached this week's spelling lists for you to learn.

If  you have any questions regarding any of these tasks, please feel free to email us.

There is also a link to a 'special assembly' that took place in the O'Leary Hall this morning, that everyone in the school attended - we had to use some replacement 'people' for those that couldn't attend because of Covid!

Here is the link -

Best wishes

The Year 4 Team