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Primary School

Y4 Work Tasks For Friday 12th February

English, Maths and PE activities for Friday 12/2

Good morning Year 4

This is the last day of term before we enjoy a week off for half term. We hope you have a great break and come back recharged and ready for more online learning and live lessons.

Hopefully it won't be too long until we're back in class, but in the meantime the Teams software will have to do.

The answer to yesterday's quiz question was Nelson Mandela and today's question is all about Valentines Day, which is on Sunday. The questions is - In addition to being the patron saint of love, which occupation is Saint Valentine believed to be the patron of?

For Maths today we will be dividing one digit numbers by 10.

Blue challenge is to divide 1-digit numbers by 10. Using counters in place value grids for every question.

Green challenge is to divide 1-digit numbers by 10. Using pictorial support for most questions.

White challenge is to divide 1-digit numbers by 10. No visual support and some questions presented in context.

In English you will be doing a reading comprehension assessment where we give you a piece of biographical writing about Usain Bolt and you need to answer questions about the text.

In the afternoon we will do some PE and here is the link to JJ's next lesson - 

You tube link -

Safe share link -

If you have any questions about any of the work tasks set, please feel free to email us.

Have a fantastic half term.

Best wishes 

The Year 4 Team