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Primary School

Y4 Work Tasks For Wednesday 10th February

English, Maths, Internet Safety and Art tasks for Wednesday 10/2

Good morning Year 4

We hope you are well.

To begin with the answer to Monday's quiz question was The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Superbowl, beating the Kansas City Chief by 31 points to 9. They were presented with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

Tuesday's quiz answer was we are currently experiencing cold weather coming from Storm Darcy.

Today's question is this... We have almost finished our science topic on sound. Can you tell us what is a sonic boom? (Clue... it is not a computer hedgehog!)

To begin the day we will have our weekly times table grid which we need to try and complete in 7 minutes  it is attached to this blog. Please make sure you have printed it off in preparation for the lesson.

For today's English challenges you will be planning your own poem with a given theme. We will expect you to apply some of the features we have looked at this week. This will be just a planning session, we will do our independent write on Thursday.

In Maths we will be placing tenths on a place value grid.

The blue challenge is to represent tenths on a place value grid, where numbers are sometimes greater than one with pictorials  to support.

Green challenge will be to  represent tenths on a place value grid, where some numbers greater than one.

And white challenge is to represent tenths on a place value grid, all numbers greater than 1 whole,  including numbers greater than 10 tenths, i.e. 3 ones and 11 tenths = 4.1. Using  a mixture of images and numbers.

For Internet safety (Computing) we will be referring to the video we watched / started watching on Tuesday and we would like you to either... design a poster on 'trust or check', write a poem about being safe on the Internet or create a pamphlet / leaflet giving advice on how to stay safe on the Internet.

Here is the link to the film - and other activities can be found on the Safer Internet Day blog on the Year 4 page of the website.

In Art today we will be drawing still life pictures and the link to Mrs Denney's demonstration video is -

If you have any questions about any of these tasks, please feel free to email us.

Best wishes

The Year 4 Team