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Primary School

Y4 Blog for Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Y4 work tasks for English, Maths and Science.

Good morning Year 4,

We hope you are well. The answer to yesterday's quiz question is - Scooby Doo's full name is actually Scoobert Doo! So there you go!

Today's question is this. In the Year 1653 the city of New Amsterdam was formed. By what name is that city now known?

In Maths today we will be subtracting fractions. A range of challenges will be set for you.

Blue challenges will be subtracting 2 fractions with the same denominator.

Green challenges will be subtracting two fractions one of which will be an improper fraction.

Finally, white challenges will be to subtract 2 fraction where some of the denominators might not be the same.

In English we are exploring features of poetry. 

Blue challenges will be to explore basic features in a short one stanza poem.

Green challenges will be to examine a wider range of features in slightly longer poems.

White challenges will be to identify all the features in a more complex poem.

In Science we will be investigating how to absorb sound.

For this lesson you will need a bluetooth speaker or any device that produces a sound. If you could also hunt around your homes for any materials that you think will muffle or absorb the sounds produced (for example, newspapers, clothes, cushions...).

If you have any questions about these tasks, please feel free to email us.

Best wishes

The Year 4 Team.