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Y4 Work tasks for Thursday 28th January

English, Maths and Geography work tasks for Thursday 28th January

Good morning Year 4

Hope you are well.

The answer to Wednesday's quiz question was a bit quirky! The states furthest North, South, East and West are as follows: North = Alaska, South = Hawaii, West = Alaska and East (here's the quirky bit!) also Alaska! How can Alaska be both furthest East and West I hear you ask? Well... some of the Alaskan Aleutian Islands cross the International Date line so Alaska is both furthest East and West (look it up on a World Map if you are confused!).

So today's question is - I have posted a picture of the Eiffel Tower, designed by Gustav Eiffel because on this day in 1887, work began on its construction. So, can you tell me which other famous World landmark Gustav Eiffel designed - clue it can be found in Paris, New York and more recently, Las Vegas?

I have uploaded the work tasks for today (Thursday 28th) and we would like to apologise all round for the technical glitches and hiccups experienced in Wednesday Teams lessons - Mr Smith had a nightmare accessing Powerpoint, but has looked at this issue and hopes he has remedied the problem in time for Thursday's lessons and both classes had complications with joining the meeting from the lobby, if this should happen again, be patient, log out and log back in again. The school server is under a great deal of pressure due to everyone logging into live Teams lessons, so please bear with us, it will get easier as we move on.

With regards to today's lessons, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us. Pease remember if you are in Wonder class to send work to Mr Smith now and not Mrs Litchfield. Thank you.

Best wishes 

The Year 4 Team