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Year 4 Home Learning - Wednesday 8th July 2020

Year 4 Home Learning - Wednesday 8th July 2020

Hello!  In this blog you will find your maths, English and science task for Wednesday. We have also included a little music task we thought you might enjoy. Don’t forget to try the starter to make sure your brain is warmed up before you start.


Watch the clip ( and answer the following questions:

  1. Which character wears red and what items are that colour in the clip?
  2. What is Juliet’s character like?
  3. Why do you think the director chose to say that Gnomeo’s middle name is ‘stealth’?


English Task:

We are going to continue with the adventure story unit on the Oak National Academy Website.

Wednesday: We are going to look at the key features of an adventure story. Click on the link to access the lesson:

Firstly, complete the quiz and then click next to watch the lesson with Mr McGarry. He will show you a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) to help you identify the key features of the text. He will then ask you to pause the video so you can work on the independent task. We have added your independent work to the PowerPoint attached to the blog. You can either print the questions, write the answers on a piece of paper or type them straight onto the PowerPoint – whatever is easiest for you! When you have completed your independent task, press play on the video and you will be able to check your answers. At the end of the lesson, there is another quiz for you to complete.

Thursday:  This lesson has a SPAG focus on pronouns. Click here to access the lessons:

Firstly, complete the quiz to check your learning from the previous lesson. During the video, Mr McGarry will explain to you what a pronoun is and show you some examples in a text. He will then ask you to pause the video so you can complete the independent task. Again, your independent task can be found on the PowerPoint. You can mark your own work by watching the rest of the video. Finally, there is a quiz for you to complete at the end of the lesson.  


Maths Task:

We are going to continue our work on bar charts. We would like you to watch a video clip about data handling in football. Click on this link and then scroll down until you find the video with Rachel Riley.

After you finish watching the video, have a look at the football worksheet attached to this blog. You will be able to see three different level of challenges.  Here are your tasks:

Yellow Task: Complete the level 1 challenges

Blue Task: Complete the level 2 challenges

Green Task: Complete the level 3 challenges

White Task: Complete the level 3 challenges and the extra challenge

We have attached the answers to the blog!


Topic (Science) Task:

This week, we are going to learn about adaptation. The PowerPoint will explain what adaptation means and gives you the opportunity to think about the characteristics different animals need to survive in their habitats. Your independent work consists of four challenges which need to be completed in the correct order:

Challenge One: Design an environment – this could be an environment that already exists or you can use your imagination to create a new one.

Challenge Two: List the conditions of the environment. Think about:

  • What does the environment look like?
  • Are there any plants?
  • What is the temperature like?
  • What is there to eat?
  • What are the main colours you can see?

Challenge 3: Create an animal to live in your environment (use your imagination – you might choose different parts of animals that exist today or create a completely new animal)

Challenge 4: Make a list of characteristics for your animal. Don’t forget to explain why the different characteristics are important for them to survive in your environment.

You can present your work however you like. You might want to divide a piece of paper into four sections or you might want to use a different piece of paper for each challenge.


Topic (Music) Task:

Watch this clip on the Oak National Academy website -

This week, we are going to have a go at clapping to the pulse of a song in 3 and 4 time. Are you feeling brave? Try recording yourself and send it to your teachers.


Additional Tasks:

We hope you enjoyed your art lesson last week. This week, we would like you to have a go at creating an optical illusion piece of artwork. Click this link to access the lesson: We are looking forward to seeing your masterpieces.


It is really important to stay active! Try some outdoor activities whilst the sun is out! Here are a couple of ideas for the rainy days:

Check out the Kidz Bop dance routines. Here's one to get you started:

Minecraft Yoga:


Please try and read at least 5 times this week. You can read a variety of different texts. You could also sign up to the library summer reading challenge (


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We would love to see what you have been doing, so please continue to send us your work! Remember to let us know if you would like any photos uploaded onto the Year 4 gallery.


The Year 4 Team