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Year 4 HomeLearning – Monday 6th July 2020


Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 6th July 2020


Hello! In this blog you will find your weekly spellings, English, maths and RE tasks. We have also included a little starter to make sure your brain is warmed up before you start.






Watch this clip ( and answer the questions. 


1) How long did it take them to train to climb Mount Everest?


2) As well as telling you about their Mount Everest climb, what was Rob and James' message to young people?


3) Why do you think the creators used text instead of spoken words to tell the facts?






Attached to this blog is a PowerPoint with your weekly spellings. Once you have learnt your spellings, try using them in a sentence. Remember to use a conjunction and an adverb to make them more interesting. 




English Task:


This week, we are going to work on a unit from the Oak National Academy website. This unit is split into 5 different lessons (one for every day of the week) and at the end of the unit you will be writing your own adventure story. 


Monday: The first lesson is a reading comprehension task based on word meaning. Click on the link to access the lesson: 


Firstly, complete the quiz and then click next to watch the video. Mr McGarry (the teacher for this unit) will show you a WAGOLL  based on the book (and film) The Borrowers. He will also show you how to answer a word meaning question. He will then ask you to pause the video so you can work on your independent task. We have added your independent task to a PowerPoint attached to this blog. You can either print the questions, write the answer on a piece of paper or type them straight onto the PowerPoint - whatever works best for you! If you look on the worksheet section of this lesson, there is also a video clip of The Borrowers for you to watch. When you have completed the independent task, press play on the video and you will be able to check your answers. At the end of the lesson, there is another quiz for you to complete. 


Tuesday: The second lesson is a reading comprehension task but this time it is based on fact retrieval. Click on the link to access the lesson: 


Firstly, complete the quiz to check your learning from Monday's lesson. Then watch the lesson with Mr McGarry. He will show you a WAGOLL and an example of how to answer a fact retrieval question. He will tell you when to pause the video so you can answer the independent questions. Again, your independent tasks can be found on the PowerPoint attached to this blog. There is also a video clip of The Borrowers for you to watch on the worksheet section of the lesson - just press next when you pause the video. You can mark your own work by watching the rest of the video. Finally, there is a quiz for you to complete at the end of the lesson. 




Maths Task: 


Firstly, have a look at the "Types of graph or chart" PowerPoint to find out about some different charts and graphs. Then have a look at the second PowerPoint about interpreting data. Finally, choose a worksheet to complete. 




Topic (RE) Task:


This week, we are going to learn about the main symbol associated with Islam. Have a look at the PowerPoint and choose a task to complete:


1) Create a star and crescent mobile - use the activity sheet to help you. You will need card, string and a lolly stick to do this challenge.


2) Design your own symbol for Islam. Can you explain how it links to Islam?




An Extra Challenge:


Here is a challenge for the children who would like some extra work. You are going to become detectives and solve the Monkey Mystery at the Animal Antics Zoo. 


The Animal Antics Zoo is a popular tourist and school holiday venue. Harassed parents and excited children regularly fill the grounds, eager to see the enormous mountain gorillas, the cheeky baboons and the laughing chimps. However disaster has struck. Those troublesome primates have excelled themselves. One of them has sneakily taken the keys belonging to the senior keeper, and when no one was looking, has unlocked the enclosure and many monkeys have escaped! They are now causing mayhem around the zoo, pulling faces at the elephants, laughing at the leopards and flustering the usually unflappable flamingos!


But which monkey did the crime?


Your task is to use the description of the monkeys to solve the clues (attached to this blog) so you can establish who let the pesky primates run riot at the zoo! Good luck!




Additional Tasks:


We hope you enjoyed your art lesson last week. This week, we would like you to have a go at creating an optical illusion piece of artwork. Click on this link to access the lesson:  We are looking forward to seeing your masterpieces. 




It is really important to stay active! Try some outdoor activities whilst the sun is out! Here are a couple of ideas for the rainy days:


Check out the Kidz Bop dance routines. Here's one to get you started -


Minecraft Yoga -




Please try and read at least 5 times this week. You can read a variety of different texts. You could also sign up to the library summer reading challenge (




Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We would love to see what you have been doing, so please continue to send us your work! Remember to let us know if you would like any photos uploaded onto the Year 4 gallery. 


The Year 4 Team