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Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 12th June 2020

Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 12th June 2020

Hello! In this blog you will find your maths, English and science task for Friday. We have also included a little starter to make sure your brain is warmed up before you start. 


Have a look at the picture on the starter PowerPoint to help you answer the following questions:

1. How many books is Frank holding?

2. How is Frank feeling? How can you tell?

3. Why do you think this footballer chose to write some children's stories? 

English Task:

We are going to write our next paragraph for our persuasive texts. In this paragraph, we are going to include a simile, metaphor and dialogue. Don't lose the paper - We will be adding two more paragraphs on Monday! 

Maths Task:

We are coming to the end of 3D shapes, therefore we would like you to have a go at the reasoning questions on the worksheets. 

Topic (Science) Task:

We are going to find out how humans destroy habitats and what we can do to help our local wildlife. Have a look at the PowerPoint and then choose one or two activities to complete. 

Additional Task:

Please try and read at least 5 times this week. You can read a variety of different texts. Why don't you try to read something different? You could also sign up to the library reading challenge. (

It is also really important to stay active! Here are a few ideas:

Disney shake up games:

Harry Potter Yoga:

PE with Joe:

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We would love to see what you have been doing, so please continue to send us your work! Remember to let us know if you would like any photos uploaded onto the Year 4 gallery. 

The Year 4 Team