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Primary School

Y4 Spellings for the week beginning May 18th.

Please find this week's spellings. I have put them on this blog page and also as a word document for those that wish to download them. 

Spellings for the week beginning May 18th

  • Use look, cover, write, check to begin with.
  • Attempt to put your spellings into sentences to help you practise. Can you put 2 spellings into one sentence?

Spellings Week beginning 18th May.

Group 1

Flies, tries, cries, skies, replies, armies, copies, babies, carries, ladies.

Group 2

Inform, information, adore, adoration, admire, admiration, prepare, preparation, sense, sensation

Group 3

Possibly, impossibly, horribly, terribly, visibly, credibly, incredibly, sensibly, flexibly, inflexibly


I recently discovered this word search creator website

Try putting your spellings in and then finding them in a word search.