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Primary School

Y4 weekly overview - May 18th - May 22nd

Please find an overview of the work that will be uploaded for the children to complete this week. I have also attached the timetable as a word document.

Week of 18th May timetable of work

Monday - English – to plan and write an explanation text based on the continued work on ‘Cracking Contraption’

Tuesday – Maths – Multiplication and division fluency (Column multiplication). Division with a remainder Short division (up to 3 digits by 1 digit)

Wednesday – English Grammar – Adverbs, Adverbial phrases, Fronted adverbials.

To be able to use adverbs and adverbial phrases to modify sentences.

Thursday – Maths - Multiplication and division reasoning and problem solving – using the strategies from Tuesday

Friday – Geography -PowerPoint Presentation is all about how the coastline of the British Isles has changed over a period of time through a process called NATURAL EROSION – create a poster on how the coastline changes.

Friday – English – To plan and write an introduction to their explanation of the ‘Cracking Contraption’.

English Comprehension – Celebrating 200 Years of Florence Nightingale - Study the

PowerPoint, read the article on Florence Nightingale (differentiated worksheets) and answer some set questions.

This is an overview of what work will be uploaded over the course of this week. We hope it can help you to arrange your home schooling timetable more effectively. As always please email your child’s teacher if you have a problem.

Many thanks for all of your hard work,

Mr Woodcock, Mr Jones and Mrs Denney