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Primary School

Year 4 weekly overview - May 11th-15th

This is the weekly overview to help you arrange your home schooling. We hope it helps you. 

Week of 11th May timetable of work

Monday - English - A labelled / annotated design, their own or one taken from the ‘Cracking Contraptions’

Tuesday – Maths. A PowerPoint featuring reasoning and problem solving questions all about time. You can look at the previous work set to help you.  This may help too - (there is enough work here for at least 2 days) Go to the BBC bitesize daily lesson to review a new area of maths if you have finished all of the PowerPoint and wish for more maths for the week.

Wednesday – English – A flow diagram, ordering and explaining the movements of the ‘Cracking Contraptions’ (working towards an explanation text).

Thursday – Thursday in maths the students will look at addition and subtraction (using partition and column methods) - they will decide which method is easier and reliable to use. Students will do some problem questions and explain how they arrived at their answers. The work is differentiated on the PPT.

Friday – Science - Drawing living things. The children will be asked to draw invertebrates and enlarge their image. There are a series of supporting videos to assist you. There is also a word document and a PowerPoint to support you during this lesson.

Friday – English – To plan and write an introduction to their explanation of the ‘Cracking Contraption’.


This is an overview of what work will be uploaded over the course of this week. We hope it can help you to arrange your home schooling timetable more effectively. As always please email your child’s teacher if you have a problem.


Many thanks for all of your hard work,

Mr Woodcock, Mr Jones and Mrs Denney