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Primary School

Y4 English Invention time

Monday 11th  May.       English             Explanation Text 

This week we will be continuing to learn about explanations.

Explanations tell us:

• What something is

• How something works

• Why things happen 

Good explanations have the following:

• A clear title to show what is being explained  

• An opening paragraph

• Clear steps to show how or why something occurs

• The events in order

• Conjunctions of time (e.g. before, after)

• Causal conjunctions (e.g. because, so, this causes, therefore, consequently)

• Illustrations/diagrams to help understanding.  


  • flow charts to make explanation clearer

LO:  to be able to produce a blueprint / sketch / drawing / design for a cracking contraption.

For today’s lesson your job is to design and label your own cracking contraption or use one of the ‘Cracking contraptions’ listed below, to get you started. Remember, you're trying to solve a problem in a way Wallace might!

Don't forget, Wallace needs to be able to understand your drawing so he can make your machine! It needs to be: neat, tidy, clear and well-drawn.

You must be able to explain how it works on your sheet of paper or in your book! – Labelling and annotating.

I have included lots of diagrams / pictures / blueprints in the document attached below to inspire you and to give you ideas on how your piece of work might look. (Keep this piece of work safe because you will need to refer back to it, during the week.)

The clips (if you need one) are as follows:

Turbo Diner -      2.23 mins

Auto Chef -       1.33 mins

Snoozatron -     2.06 min

Soccamatic  -      1.51 mins