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Primary School

Year 3 Spelling Lists - Lists 1-9

Attached below are the Year 3 spelling lists, lists 1-9, which are all of the Year 3 common exception words. Please continue to practise the list you have been given by your Phonics teacher however when you are confident at spelling those words, you could move onto the next list. If you are currently on a list past these, it wouldn't hurt at all to practise again any of the words you find the trickiest...

As well as practising each spelling as you would at home normally, here are some further ideas for how to practise these words:

LCWC - As we do in school, complete 'Look, Cover, Write, Check' for each word 3 times. If you have not spelt the word correctly three times, try again!

Write spellings in interesting sentences. Can you make your sentences even more interesting by adding effective adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions or fronted adverbials?

Create a word search using some of the spellings.

If you have a dictionary at home, you could research the meaning of the different words and write them into yor orange books.

Write each spelling in different colours, in different sizes, in different styles etc.