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Primary School

Media crew Report

Our Y6 media crew interviewed the Y3 teacher and children to write an update on what they have been doing. 

The Year 3 children have settled in amazing and are enjoying it very much . In Maths they are doing division using place value to help them. In English year 3 have been doing fairy tales and some of the teachers have helped by dressing up as Goldilocks and so much more.

The Year 3 children have been super excited to make their own sandwiches which they created all by themselves. Year 3 are working hard to accomplish their very best. To make sure they have the opportunities to get to the top, they have special groups to help them get better. They really love their playtimes because they get to play with their friends and enjoy the new equipment.

In Year 3 they have their class book such as “There’s a yeti in the classroom.” They also have a class prayer book which they read every day. In PE they have been doing ball skills and soon will be doing gymnastics. They are also loving their new classrooms which are full of the right equipment they need.

We also want to say a big thank you to the Year 3 staff who work hard everyday to make Year 3 a memorable year !     


Media crew