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Primary School

Trip to Flag Fen

On Wednesday 6th November, year 3 had a wonderful time at Flag Fen. 

When we arrived, we did a timeline activity to see where the stone, bronze and iron ages fit compared to the time of the dinosaurs and modern life today. 

We used lots of investigative skills and developed our knowledge of history. We looked at artefacts and considered what they may have been used for in the distant past. We also looked at a roundhouse, looking carefully at how it was made. We sat inside and imagined life for those people in the past. We also explored a bronze age landscape and saw parts of a causeway that has been found by archaeologists. We made some clay pots after learning that they were used to trade at that time.

The people working at Flag Fen were very knowledgeable and made the day really interesting. The staff at Flag Fen also commented on the good behaviour of the children. We were really proud to be out learning ourselves alongside a super group of children. Thank you year 3!