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Primary School

Year 3 Commendation and Confetti Awards 27.05.22

On the last day of term, we came together for the final Commendation assembly of Term 5.  Well done Year 3 for all of your hard work and all you have achieved so far. We are proud of you all and excited to see what you all achieve during our final term together.  Below are the children who got a special mention in our assembly.


Archie, for creating an amazing sock puppet, with fabulous detail – in DT.

Mary, for presenting her work neatly and trying hard with her writing. 

Isaac, for working hard on his times tables.  He kept persevering and passed his test. 

Phoebe P and Neve, for creating a fantastic sock puppet in DT. They both looked amazing! 



Felicia, for going around the room when every one lining up and putting up chairs.

Ania, for always being kind and thoughtful to others. 

Aoife, for being so helpful in the classroom. She always offers to hand books out. Thank you Aoife!