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Primary School

Year 3 Commendation and Confetti Awards 08.10.21

The children in Year 3 are continuing to impress us every day!  We enjoyed coming together with the rest of Key Stage 2 to celebrate some of these achievements in our Commendation assembly. 

The children with a Commendation Award in Year 3 this week are:

Ania, for excellent addition work; trying really hard when using the partitioning method and for pushing herself onto the next challenge! 

Lukas, for always listening carefully and trying his best with his work. 

Evan, for using fantastic scientific vocabulary in our science experiments.

The children with a Confetti Award in Year 3 this week are:

Isobel, for being kind and helpful to others. 

Caden, for being kind and helpful around the classroom, often helping to put up chairs at the end of the day. 

Phoebe A, for being helpful around the classroom and being a good friend to others. 

Well done everyone!