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Primary School

Year 3 Home Learning Thursday 01.07.21

Hello again!  As these next two days would have been your Transfer Days, we will be using our English Task and an Art task today to focus on some transition work.  You will get the chance to meet your new teacher when we are back in school!  Your new teachers are very lucky to have you in their class.


L.O: To write a letter to your new teacher.

Today we would like you to write a letter to your new teacher!  This is a way to introduce yourself, tell them a little bit about you and some of your interests.

Below are some steps to help you when writing your letters – these are just guidelines to give you some ideas.  There are also some examples of sentences and sentence starters in italics, again you can use these if you’d like to or you can use your own different ones, the choice is yours.

Step 1 – You do not need to write your address on this letter.  Write the name of the person who the letter is for below the date on the left- hand side.  You can use ‘Dear’ or a more informal greeting, such as ‘Hello’, or ‘Hi’. Add a comma after the person’s name.

Step 2 – Tell your new teacher why you are writing to them.

I am writing a letter to you to introduce myself before I start in your class in September.  I can’t believe I am going to be in Year 4!

Step 3 – Introduce yourself.

My name is… I am... years old and live in… with…

Step 3 – Add any extra information you would like to tell them

My hobbies are…

In my free time I like to…

My pets…

My talents…

In my spare time, I like to…

An interesting fact about me is…

Step 4 - You could add a sentence about how you feel about starting in Year 4

I can’t believe I am going to be in Year 4! I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing my new classroom!

Step 5 – Finish off your letter using an appropriate ending e.g. ‘From’, ‘See you soon’, followed by your name.

Spend some time planning your letter and thinking about what you would like to include.  Then write your letter as neatly as you can, using your very best handwriting.  If you wanted to type your letter instead, that would also be fine.



L.O: To be able to know Roman numerals (1-12)

By the end of Year 3, we need to be able to know how to write Roman numerals up to 12.

1 = I

2 = II

3= III

4= IV

5= V

6= VI

7= VII


9= IX

10= X


12= XII

Can you spot any patterns?

Today, we would like you to practise recognising and writing the Roman numerals for numbers 1-12, so you are ready to start our maths work on time when we return to school next week.

To do this, you could:

  • Practise writing the Roman numerals out and write the numbers we use next to them
  • Make a game to help you learn the numerals (e.g. a card game like snap or pairs)
  • Write out some calculations only using Roman numerals (e.g. X + II = XII)


We know some of you will love Roman numerals, so we have also added a few extra fun challenges to the bottom of this blog. Please don’t feel like you have to do these as well – they are just there for those children who really enjoyed their Roman numeral work and/or would like an extra challenge.



LO: To name and explain the meaning of Jewish symbols. 

Today we are going to be learning about Jewish Symbols.  Jewish symbols and their meanings play an important role in the day-to-day life of every Jew.  Read through the PowerPoint attached that shows a range of the different symbols. 

Task:  We would like you to have a go at drawing each of the Jewish symbols mentioned.  Then write your own caption to explain what it is.   You can go back and use the information in the PowerPoint to help you.

Challenge – You can write an additional sentence about what each of the symbols represents.



We would like you to create a piece of art work all about you!  

We thought you could write your name in the middle (in bubble writing) and decorate in your chosen way, using colouring pencils, felt tip pens or whatever medium you choose!  If you wanted to you could draw a picture of yourself too.  Around your name we would like you to add your own drawings of things that you like and the things that are important to you!  We have deliberately left this task quite open ended to give you the chance to be creative.  Please just try your best and most importantly have fun!


We are also aware that families have a lot to juggle so please just do what you can. Remember, we are here to support you in any way we can. We are happy to be contacted to clarify anything with the learning tasks so please don't hesitate to ask. 

We would love to see what your child has been doing. So, if you can, please send us some emails with their work attached or with some photographs of what they have done. 


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to seeing the children on our TEAMS lesson in the morning.

Mrs Bromley, Mrs Coaten and Mrs Kenny.