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Primary School

28th May 2021 Year 3 Commendation and Confetti Awards!

Welcome back to term 6. We just wanted to share with you the wonderful achievements from the last day of term 5. So here are the details of the awards for commendations and confetti for Year 3.

In Ennis-Hill class the commendation certificate was awarded to Kara for her wonderful PowerPoint about her hobbies. She presented her PowerPoint so confidently to the rest of the class. The confetti award was given to Katelyn for always being kind, helpful and a good friend to others.

In Farah class the commendation was awarded to Lewie for designing a super pneumatic toy tiger in DT. The confetti award this week was given to Lena for being kind and a good friend to others in the class.

We are very proud of how hard the Year 3 children have been working over the past term. Watch this space for who will receive an award on 18th June 2021!