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Primary School

Year 3 Home Learning Thursday 25.2.21

Here are some more tasks for you to enjoy - English, maths and art today.

English Task

Today’s mini starter is a homophones focus - fare / fair and here / hear. Discuss and share sentences using them ensuring correct spelling.

L.O: To be able to write a new poem using a given structure.

Today, the task is to use a poem’s structure to write your own list poem. Have a look at the attached document to help you explore this if you missed the live lesson.

Once you have worked through the ideas on the attached document, you can choose your favourite ideas to put into a new poem (independent task).

Blue task – Change the preposition (Below). Also change ‘leafy trees’ if you want to. Write your list of animals with adjectives (e.g. stripy tigers) to make the middle of the poem. Finish with the ending sentence.

Green task – Include effective verbs too (e.g. stripy tigers prowling). Can you also include some alliteration?

White task – Change the ending sentence too.


Maths Task

L.O: To know the value of all British coins and money notes.

Today we are going to move onto a new maths topic – Money! By the end of Year 3, we need to know how to add and subtract money amounts, but we need to feel confident with knowing the value of coins and notes before we are able to work on this objective.

Before you start, try listing all of British coins and notes that you can think of. Show your list to an adult at home – Did you remember them all?

If you miss the live teaching or want to go over anything again, have a look at the attached PowerPoint. This PowerPoint will help you recognise all of the different British coins and notes.

For your independent task, you can choose your own level of challenge. Your resources are attached at the bottom of the blog.

Yellow Challenge: Download the yellow and blue maths challenge document – Have a go at page 1. How much money is in each jar? Record your answers using the word pence.

Blue Challenge: Download the yellow and blue maths challenge document – Have a go at page 4. How much money is in each jar? Record your answers using £ and pence.

Green Challenge: Download the green maths challenge document – Answer questions 5 – 8. You can choose the A questions or the B questions. You might want to have a go at both the A and B questions! Record your answers using £ and pence.  

White Challenge: Download the white maths challenge document – Have a go at answering the money problems on pages 2 and 3.

Art Task

L.O. To draw cartoon characters, inspired by the style of other artists.

Today we are going to be looking at the cartoon below by Carl Giles.  This particular one of his is called ‘Mother’s Day’.  

In the picture, you can see a family having a picnic by the river.  Mum is still burdened by making the picnic. You can see the children are playing.  Dad can be seen relaxing by the river. There are lots of details if you look closely. For example, a bird can be seen stealing one of the children’s toys.

People can sometimes see cartoons as not being ‘proper’ art – the argument goes that if they’re meant to be funny, they can’t be real art, as real art is serious. However, every one of Giles’ cartoons is a work of art, as worthy of analysis as a Rembrandt or a Van Gogh.  

Sometimes cartoons serve to make a statement rather than to tell a joke; often they do both.

Have a think: What would you draw if this cartoon depicted your own family?

Giles is quite detailed in his drawing of the characters, but even these are pretty simple. There are many other examples of other characters from cartoons, some include:

  • Homer Simpson
  • Charlie Brown
  • Tintin
  • Dennis the Menace
  • Minions

These are all made up of basic shapes and just a few lines. Some cartoonists draw even more minimally, down to using stick figures. Notice, however, how each figure has its own identifiable feature – something that marks them out. Charlie Brown’s curl, Dennis’s stripy jumper and eyebrows, Bart Simpson’s hair!

Remember, it is the idea that is important, not how complex the drawing is.


To draw your own family having a picnic in a cartoon style and try to give each member a distinguishing feature. Have fun and we look forward to seeing your efforts!


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Mrs Bromley, Mrs Coaten and Mrs Kenny.