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Primary School

Year 3 Home Learning Tuesday 9.2.21

Here are some more tasks for you to complete. English, maths, computing and music today. Enjoy!

English Task 

L.O: To be able to write effective sentences to complete a story.

Today we will be completing our story by working through the tasks in the live lesson and completing the extra tasks attached to the blog. Remember to work through from the start if you didn't do the live lesson or find the tasks following on from the live lesson if you have already done the live lesson tasks.

We will have some follow on tasks related to the story on Wednesday and Thursday this week. 


Maths Task

L.O: To learn to divide 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number

Like yesterday, if we were in school together, we would be using lollipop sticks for this lesson. Please can you have some objects like lollipop sticks with you during the live lesson. For example, pencils, felt tip pens, straws etc.

Today we are going to start an investigation in our maths lesson which you will continue for your independent task.

If you missed the live teaching or want to go over anything again, please complete the following task:

Firstly, have a go at making a square with your pencils/pens/lollipop sticks. How many have you used? Hopefully, you have used 4 of your chosen items. These squares will help us with our 4 times table.

Now pick up eight pencils and make some squares with them. How many squares have you made? Can we use the squares to help us with a division calculation? Have a look at how many squares you have and the amount of pencils in each square to help you.           (8 ÷ 4 =2)

Next, I would like to solve 12 ÷ 4 = ? How many pencil squares will you need to make to help you solve this calculation? Have a go at making the squares to solve it!

What if you have 9 pencils? How many squares can you make? Do you have any pencils left over?

Hopefully, you are left with one pencil. This is known as a remainder. A remainder is what is left over. The written calculation looks like this – 9 ÷ 4 = 2r1.

For your independent task, you can choose your own level of challenge. Your resources are attached at the bottom of the blog.  

Blue Challenge: Download the blue maths challenge document – Make sure you have 14 pencils. Complete the table recording how many squares you can make, any remainders you have and the division sentence.

Green Challenge: Download the green maths challenge document – Make sure you have 20 pencils. Complete the table recording how many squares you can make, any remainders you have and the division sentence.

White Challenge: Download the white maths challenge document – Make sure you have 22 pencils. Complete the table recording how many squares you can make, any remainders you have and the division sentence. Can you explain why the number in the ‘remainder’ column cannot be greater than 4?

Please either bring some place value counters or two different types of objects to our live lesson on Wednesday. We will be using them to represent tens and ones so it is important that you know which objects represent tens and which objects represent ones.



LO – To know how to stay safe online. 

We have been so impressed by how you have adapted to online learning through our daily Teams meetings.  You have quickly got used to using the hand up button, also you can mute and unmute your microphone when we ask you to contribute to the lesson.  It has been a learning curve for all of us but we think you are all doing so well. It is great that we can use technology so that we can all still get to see each other each day.

We just wanted to think today about online safety as a whole.  We had some incidences when children were using the chat facility and sending messages that could be seen by everyone.  You now know that this is not appropriate to do in these lessons so thank you for not doing this.  It did serve as a useful reminder that you do have to be very careful what you are saying online and that anything you do say, is safe and appropriate.

Task:  We would like you to explore the Internet-Safety PowerPoint which looks at a range of ways that you can keep safe online at all times.  If you have any questions from exploring this, please do ask your grown up.  Remember if ever you are on the internet and something does not seem right always speak to your grown up.   

Extension: You could make a poster that shows how you can stay safe online. You could think about the ‘Click Clever Click Safe’ campaign and what you can do to stay safe when using the internet.

Also, you can explore the useful resources here:

There are a selection of videos and activities that you could complete that look at more specific areas of online safety.



LO – To understand pulse and rhythm

Here is the next lesson about pulse and rhythm from the Oak National Academy. It recaps some of the previous activities so you will need a plastic cup again today – hope you had fun last week! You will be moving on to exploring 3 beats in a bar this week.

The children in school will be doing this lesson on Wednesday.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Mrs Bromley, Mrs Coaten and Mrs Kenny.