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Year 3 Home Learning Blog 20.1.21

Here are some more tasks for you to complete - English, maths and RE. Hope you enjoy them.

English Task

L.O: To be able to write instructions.

There is another ly suffix  PowerPoint slide to complete for a starter.

The main task today is to start writing your instructions. Watch the videos from yesterday again if you want to. Remember to use your plan. Also you might want to use a dictionary and thesaurus if you have them.

Remember to lay out your instructions carefully and include the organisational features you will need.

Look at the S.C. colour challenges to help you (on the PowerPoint).

You will be writing lots of bossy command sentences but can you include other types of sentences like a question and some statements to add detail?

For variety, don’t start every sentence with an adverb of time (and choose a variety of these words – not then, then, then etc.) Sometimes the imperative verb or adverb of manner can be an effective way to start an instruction sentence.

Think about what you will start with - Title / short introduction.

Don’t forget the basics as well – punctuation / handwriting and presentation.

The independent task today is to start writing your instructions but you don’t need to rush and finish as it is a big job. We have allocated more time tomorrow to finish. But if you are keen to complete, then of course you can!


Maths Task

L.O: To learn how to calculate ÷8 division facts.

We are going to continue with our division work today. If you missed the live teaching or want to go over anything again, have a look at the attached PowerPoint. If you are finding ÷ 8 a little bit tricky, you can always use objects from around your house to help solve your questions.

For your independent task, you can choose your own level of challenge. If you are feeling confident, we would like you to answer a few of the green questions before moving onto white.  Your resources are attached at the bottom of the blog.  

Blue Challenge: Download the blue maths challenge document – Complete the ÷ 8 questions either practically with objects you can find around your house or pictorially (by drawing an image). You might like to take a photo if you decide to work out the answers practically.

Green Challenge: Download the green maths challenge document – Solve the ÷8 division statements. Either choose set A or set B.  We have also uploaded some number lines if you need them to help you. Then have a go at the problems on the extension documents.

White Challenge: Download the white maths challenge document – You have got some problem solving questions to answer.


RE Task

LO – To understand the miracle of Jesus healing the paralysed man and to explore questions linked to the story. 

We are continuing to learn about Jesus as an Inspirational Leader.  As we learnt last week, in the Bible a miracle is an act by God, where God's presence is shown.  A miracle is an amazing, beneficial event that takes place.   Christians believe that if you come to God, he will provide you with what you need.  There are many stories in the Bible of Jesus’ miracles and today we will be exploring another story. 

Activity: We would like you to read the story of Jesus healing the paralysed man on the PowerPoint.  Take your time to carefully read through the PowerPoint slides.  You could read these together with a grown up.  As you work through the slides there are questions to consider, it often says discuss this with a talk partner – you could talk to a grown up or think about the answers to those questions.

Task:  Draw a picture from the story with speech bubbles showing the time at which Jesus performed the miracle.  Think carefully about what Jesus, the man and the friends might have said.

Extension: If you wanted a further challenge, you could re-write the story in your own words.  You can choose to present this how you like – perhaps as a book or storyboard style, it’s up to you!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Please look out for future blogs as we will be setting new learning tasks daily.

Mrs Bromley, Mrs Coaten and Mrs Kenny.