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Primary School

Year 3 Home Learning Friday 15.1.21

Hello again everyone! Wow! You all worked so hard in English today.  Here are the tasks for Friday. 

English Task

L.O: To be able to write instructions.

Have a look at the attached PowerPoint to remind yourself of the making process. Today, we are continuing writing our set of instructions.


Task One – Look at the planning sheet and the photographs. Using the time words, imperative verbs and adverbs, think about what would be a good first instruction?

For example, First, take a ball of clay and pull it into two pieces.

What other imperative verbs could be used instead of ‘pull’?

Write your first instruction remembering to use a numbered point.  Use the modelled sentence.

Blue Challenge: Change the imperative verb.

Green Challenge: Include an adverb of manner.

White Challenge: Include details about the size of the clay. Use an adjective.


Task Two – Focus on the next couple of slides. What would be a good instruction for the next step?

For example, Next, roll one piece of clay in between your hands until it is a smooth ball shape. Repeat with the other piece of clay.

Write the next instruction, using the modelled sentence.

Blue Challenge: Change the adverb of time.

Green Challenge: Include an adverb of manner.

White Challenge: Include a statement sentence to add detail.


Task Three – Complete the rest of the instructions.

Blue Challenge: Use numbers, sentence punctuation and imperative verbs.

Green Challenge: Include variety of adverbs of time and manner.

White Challenge: Experiment with the position of the adverb within the sentence. Use different sentence lengths and include some statements. Add a safety tip or a ‘top tip’.


Try to challenge yourself and add as much detail as you can. Can you include detail by adding statement sentences as well as writing the command sentences?

Maths Task

L.O: To learn how to calculate ÷4 division facts

We are going to continue with our division work today. If you want to go over anything again, have a look at the attached PowerPoint. If you are finding ÷ 4 a little bit tricky, you can always use objects from around your house to help solve your questions.

For your independent task, you can choose your own level of challenge. If you are feeling confident, we would like you to answer a few of the green questions before moving onto white.  Your resources are attached at the bottom of the blog.  

 Yellow Challenge: Download the yellow maths challenge document – Solve the ÷4 division statements practically with objects you can find around your house. You might like to take a photo of your working out. Try to write the division statement after you have worked out the answer.

Blue Challenge: Download the blue maths challenge document – Complete the sharing problems either practically with objects you can find around your house or pictorially (by drawing an image). You might like to take a photo if you decide to work out the answers practically.

Green Challenge: Download the green maths challenge document – Solve the ÷4 division statements. We have also uploaded some number lines if you need them to help you. Then have a go at the problem – Find all the possibilities!

White Challenge: Download the white maths challenge document – You have got some problem solving questions to answer. Can you use the question in the document to help you write your own problem for an adult at home to solve?

Afterwards, use your knowledge of the ÷4 to help you solve further statements.

For example, how does ÷4 help us solve 240 ÷ 4 =

We know that 24 ÷4 = 6 so 240 ÷ 4 = 60

Topic Task

Have a look at attached PDF document for your DT task. We have attached a crossword too! 



Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Please look out for future blogs as we will be setting new learning tasks daily.

Mrs Bromley, Mrs Coaten and Mrs Kenny.