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Primary School

Year 3 Home Learning Thursday 14.1.21

Hello again everyone! You have all been working so hard this week. We are very proud of you!  Here are the tasks for Thursday.  


English Task 

L.O: To be able to plan instructional writing. L.O: To be able to write instructions.

The attached PowerPoint explains the live lesson. We are going to be writing instructions today and tomorrow about making clay bead bracelets like we made whilst we were learning about the bronze age. This type of bracelet would have been made to be worn by Bronze Age people and may have been offered to their Gods as a gift. The PowerPoint slides show photographs of the steps for making a bracelet.

In the live lesson we will be working together to write the start of the instructions. We will be writing a suitable title, an introduction that includes a rhetorical question and then the equipment list. See the colour challenges on the PowerPoint to support with this if you are not doing the live lesson. We will then continue by writing the chronologically ordered instructions tomorrow.

As we are spending longer doing English in the live lesson, there is not a set independent task today. However, you could look back over what you've done and add any extra details you feel you want to. You could also write up what you've done in neat ready to continue tomorrow.


Maths Task

Today, we have decided to give you a maths investigation to solve. Download the NOAH poster from the bottom of our blog.

Your task:

Noah saw 12 legs walk by into the ark. How many creatures could he have seen?

How many different answers can you find? Can you explain how you found out these answers?

Here are some key questions to think about:

  • What creatures could there be?
  • How many legs do they each have?
  • What’s the greatest number of creatures he could have seen?
  • What’s the smallest number of creatures he could have seen?


Extension: What if there were twelve creatures? How many legs could that be? Find all of the possibilities.

You can decide how you would like to present your work. Maybe you can make a poster or write your answers in a list. We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Topic Task - Geography

LO – To be able to identify the continents of the world.

This term we are going to learn about the countries of the world. Today we are going to name and locate the different continents in the world.

Firstly, we would like you to think about what you already know. Can you answer the following questions without searching for the answer? Maybe you can discuss them with an adult at home.

  • What is a continent?
  • What is the difference between a continent and a country?
  • How many continents can you name?
  • Which continent do we live in?

Now read through the Planbee countries of the world slides pdf to find out a little bit of information about the different continents.

Activity: Download the continents independent work PDF – There are a lot of worksheets on the PDF but please don’t do them all.

Scroll down until you reach worksheet 1D. It would be easier if you can print this page out for you to work on. Label each continent and colour each continent in a different colour. Can you make a key to show the different continents?

Don’t worry if you are unable to print out the worksheet – You can have a look at the map on the screen and point out the different continents to an adult. Let us know how you get on!

Extension:  Keep scrolling down the same PDF until you find the information sheet. Use this to help you answer the questions on worksheet 1E. Can you answer the questions in full sentences? Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Please look out for future blogs as we will be setting new learning tasks daily.

Mrs Bromley, Mrs Coaten and Mrs Kenny.