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Primary School

A Busy Term in Year 3

It has been so lovely having the children back this term and they have worked incredibly hard!

We have been studying the books 'Voices in the Park' and 'Stone Age Boy' in our English work. The children have explored different sentence structures and have been using a range of conjunctions to extend their sentences. They have been taught to include expanded noun phrases, adverbs and fronted adverbials. Their independent writing around the seasons based on 'Voices in the Park' showed a great application of this knowledge - well done year 3! They have also enjoyed some rhythmic and composition music activities based on this book.

In maths, we have been exploring place value and order of numbers. The children have been justifying how they know a number is bigger by discussing hundreds, tens and ones. They have also been representing these numbers in different ways. We are moving onto addition now (with subtraction to follow). We have noticed that many children have gaps in their knowledge of addition and subtraction facts within 10 / 20. Children need to be able to recall these facts quickly and accurately without the need to count on and back using their fingers. This is so useful as children can apply this knowledge to calculating with bigger numbers. They will also need to be efficient at adding and subtracting one digit numbers when we teach them the formal column methods which are coming up. Any time you could give to this at home would be really valuable - thank you. This could be giving them quick fire oral questions and / or using computer based activities like daily 10 and hit the button on 

We have had a fantastic time exploring forces and magnets this term. The children have been so enthusiastic in their learning. They have been amazed to feel the magnetic force and have investigated how magnets can work through objects as well as exploring the strength of different magnets. We have found out that we have some super scientific thinkers in year 3!

In history, the children have explored the stone age. They have learnt many facts and completed some drama around this period too. It has been lovely to see some children have completed extra work on this at home.

We are very proud of what the children have achieved this term. The end of term is now just a week away and we are all ready for a little rest. We hope you all have a great break and the children come back ready for some more learning.

Year 3 Team