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Primary School

Year 3 Back to School

Some of you came back to school for a few weeks at the end of Year 2 but most of you haven’t been into school since the end of March. Because of this, some of you will be feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness (and the adults are too), so we thought it would be helpful to let you know what it will be like when you start Year 3. 

As you may already know, your first two days back will be with your Year 2 teachers but you will also have a chance to meet your new teacher on those first couple of days. From Monday 7th September, you will be with your new teacher, and your time in Year 3 will begin.

Here are the answers to a few questions that you might have: 

Where should I go at the start of the day? 

You should go to your new classroom (even on the Thursday and Friday that you will be with your year 2 teachers as they will collect you from there). You will need to enter the school via the entrance next to Thrapston Bowls Club and be dropped off at your classroom door at 8:45am. Please arrive on time as other year groups have different arrival times to keep everyone separate and safe.

What should I bring to school each day? 

You must bring a coat. Book bags, lunchboxes and named water bottles are the only other items that can be brought into school. You are only allowed essential items in your book bag (reading book and diary). You will not be allowed to bring rucksacks or pencil cases into school.

What should I wear?

Full school uniform must be worn each day except on a day when you have PE.

What should I wear on my PE days? 

On the days that you have PE, you should come to school dressed in your PE kit. This should include jogging bottoms, t-shirt, hoody and trainers. Both Year 3 classes will have PE on Mondays (but not on Monday 7th September) and either Wednesdays (Ennis-Hill) or Fridays (Farah).

What happens at the end of the day? 

You finish school at 3:10pm. Your grown-ups will enter the site through the gate next to the bowls club, walk past your classroom and wait up on the tennis courts. Your teacher will take you through school and out onto the tennis courts to meet your grown-ups there. You will need to exit the site by walking down the main drive.


We are really looking forward to seeing everyone in September. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.


The Year 3 Team