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Primary School

Yr 2 Hedgehogs Home Learning

Friday 28.1.22

Year 2 Online Learning Plan 





L.O. To be able to write the introduction to a recount. 

Say ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when ‘ and ‘why’.  

Write ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when ‘ and ‘why’.  

Use full stops and capital letters. 

Write concisely.  

Check for tricky spellings. 


Using their plan from yesterday, the children will write just the introduction to their recount using the 5 W’s. Remember to check your spellings. Blue scaffold added for support/ideas if needed. 

See attached PowerPoint. 



L.O. To use arrays to solve multiplication problems.  

Read the array. 

Know the x sentence the array creates. 

Write out x sentence 


Blue – Use the array to work out the missing numbers. 

Green – Use the array to write one or two multiplication statements, including the answer. 

Pink – Say if correct or not. Prove how you know it is right or wrong. Explain what you know about arrays which helped you know if it was wrong or right. 

White – Spot the odd one out. Write statements and answers to prove your choices. Explain why they are they odd one out. 

Link for recorded PowerPoint video: 

All other resources attached below. 



LO: To be able to understand the story of Moses. 

Read through the PowerPoint about the story of Moses. 

Think about the following questions. Who was Moses? How does this story make you feel? Why was  Moses special? What were the important things he did in this story? 

Can you verbally (or write the story if you would like to) retell the story of Moses.  


Other activities for you to do today:  

Practise your spellings.  


Don’t forget you can log on to ILD and Accelerated reader.  You can read a variety of texts and try out some of the myON quizzes. Details of your login passwords can be found in your red home reading record books.