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Primary School

Yr 2 Hedgehogs Home Learning

Yr2 Hedgehogs Home Learning

Year 2 Online Learning Plan 





LO: To be able to sequence events.  

Say the order of events. 

Draw an image as a reminder of each step in order. 

Write brief note to say what you did at each point. 

Add time words. 


Today we will plan a recount. The recount will be about a day at home - any day at home! It needs to be in past tense and first person. We are not writing the recount today so remember only brief information in the plan today. 



L.O. To be able to show multiplication as repeated addition. 

Read x statements 

Draw out correct groups 

Use my groups to create repeated + sentences 


Today the children will be learning how multiplication can be solved using repeated addition.  

The resources are attached at the bottom of the blog and the link for the recorded PowerPoint link is here: 



L.O. To explore the use of tones in shading. 


I can control my pencil to create dark and light tones. 

I know that I must take care to shade with no gaps. 

I know that I must not to go over the lines. 

I must rub out any small mistakes. 

Ask your child to take their pencil for a walk across a piece of paper. Challenge them to not lift their pencil from their paper until they have filled their paper with a pattern. I’m sure they have now created lots of interesting shapes which they can now shade in varying tones of grey. What happens when you press down harder on your pencil? 


Other activities for you to do today: 

10 minute maths activity for you to practise your skills. If you haven’t completed already.  

Practise your spellings. 

Don’t forget you can log on to ILD and Accelerated reader.  You can read a variety of texts and try out some of the myON quizzes. Details of your login passwords can be found in your red home reading record books.