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Primary School

Y2 Hedgehog Home Learning Wednesday 26.1.22

Today's home learning for Hedgehogs.

Wednesday    26.1.22


LO: To be able to write in the past tense. 

Write past tense verbs where we just add ‘ed’. 

Use past tense rule for double consonant. 

Use past tense rule for y/i. 

Write in a sentence using a full stop and capital letter. 

Use time words. 


We are revising our learning of past tense verbs ready to write recounts because a recount is something we have already done so it happened in the past. 

Green level- we will cover this in the online lesson, where the children will need to choose a word and change it to the past tense and then write it in a sentence. Can they add a time word to the start of their sentence too? 

Extension- Can the children improve their sentences by adding adverbs in front of their past tense verbs? 


The PowerPoint and resources are attached at the bottom of this blog.



L.O. To be able to use multiplication to solve problems. 

Read x number sentences. 

Create the correct number of groups. 

Count in given times tables. 


Expected level (green activity) - solve the problems involving mostly 2 and 5 times tables. 

Ext- missing numbers problems and calculations involving 3 times tables. 

White activity will involve positive integer scaling problems. 

Using grouping like yesterday to solve these problems. 


The PowerPoint and resources are attached at the bottom of this blog. Please see brief notes at top of activity sheets to support you.



L.O. To be able to investigate things that are living, dead or never alive around me. 

Explain what L, D or NA mean. 

Identify objects that are L, D or NA. 

Explain how they know. 


The children have been learning about what living, dead or never alive means. Can the children go on a hunt around their house or garden and find things that are living, dead or have never been alive and write them down. They could challenge themselves to record their findings in a tally chart. Which category did they find most of? 



Other activities for you to do today: 

This link can be used to practise phonics with your children. All phonics lessons covering set 2 and 3 sounds are here. If you are not sure where to start, ask your child, as they should know the last sound that they worked on in their phonics sets. Or send us an email and we can tell you. 

Practise your spellings. 

Don’t forget you can log on to ILD and Accelerated reader.  You can read a variety of texts and try out some of the myON quizzes. Details of your login passwords can be found in your red home reading record books.