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Y2 Hedgehogs Online Learning

Hedgehog online learning information.

Live lesson 9:00- 10:30 Tuesday 25.1.22.

A link will be sent to the email address which you gave to the office. Please email Miss Mawby or Mrs McMurdo (and the office) with any updated email addresses if you don't receive the email with the link. Thank you.

We hope that you are all okay. We will miss being in school with you all. Here is some work to keep you busy.

See you all in school again soon.

Miss Mawby, Mrs McMurdo and Mrs Hodge.


Tuesday  25.1.22


We are starting to learn about a new genre of writing this week. We will be writing Recounts. 

One of the features of a recount is to use appropriate verbs to describe what has happened. 

L.O. To be able to identify appropriate verbs. 

We will be learning about Powerful Verbs which we will use to add detail to our writing.   

See attached Power Point.

Children will do the green level activity while online teaching but if you can’t access the online teaching, a copy is attached to the blog.  If your child needs more support with this they may want to try the blue level, which is also attached. To extend their learning the children after the lesson will be encouraged to use at least 5 of the Powerful verbs in a sentence to show they understand the meaning of the words. They should challenge themselves by adding adventurous adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions to add detail. 


LO To be able to use multiplication to solve problems. 

Read x number sentences. 

Create the correct number of groups. 

Count in given times tables. 

The children did some practical work on Friday, grouping objects to understand how multiplication works. We’ve talked to the children about the difference between recalling our times table facts and how important it is to understand how multiplication works outside of those known facts.  

The children will use grouping today to solve the answers to the multiplications. At this stage even if they know their multiplication facts by heart they are proving their understanding of the facts. 

If you are completing yellow level the multiplications can be solved using practical apparatus (lego, toys etc).  

If you are completing blue and green level, please draw out the groups to solve the question. If you know the answer from your time tables knowledge then please prove the statement is true by drawing the groups out to demonstrate your understanding.  

White level –challenge yourself with unknown (by you) multiplication Eg 15 x 4 =    

24 x 2= and sort by the answers to show if they are odd or even. Do they notice any patterns? Can they deduce any rules? LINK 

If you missed the live lesson, the narrated PowerPoint can be found here:


Other activities for you to do today: 

10 minute maths activity for you to practise your skills.  

Practise your spellings. 

Don’t forget you can log on to ILD and Accelerated reader.  You can read a variety of texts and try out some of the myON quizzes. Details of your login passwords can be found in your red home reading record books.