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Primary School

Year 2 Catch Up Blog

Year 2 have had a busy few weeks.

Last week the children started to use Stop Go animation to produce their own animated stories. They drew out a storyboard to plan their animation and then made backgrounds and props. They have learnt how to take photographs without moving the ipad, also how to add and delete frames. This week they have been adding sound effects to their animation.

This week we have also had a visit from 2 sports ambassadors, Danielle Brown (Paralympian archer) and Khadija Safari (kickboxer). They talked to the whole school in an assembly about how they started out and what they had achieved. The children were then lucky enough to have a taster session with them both in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, the children became chefs for the day. They have been talking about healthy foods and have taste tested different foods that could be put into a wrap. They decided on their own wrap design last week and this week they got to make them. The children had to think about what they needed to do to work hygienically and safely. They used grating, cutting and rolling/folding skills to produce their wraps which they then tasted and evaluated.